Discover ways of being diverse and inclusive in a constantly evolving world.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace: Best Practices for Building a More Diverse Workforce

Digient Technologies have taken sure-footed and intentional steps towards building a workplace and creating an environment that allows its employees to bring their authentic selves to work.

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When it comes to conversations around diversity and inclusion (D&I), one needs to understand that inclusion can be attained in organizations that support innovation. It also heavily relies on harnessing key insights that help an organization yield benefits on the company front, people front and the cultural landscape at large. Organizations are recognizing the value of fostering diverse and inclusive environments that celebrate individual differences and provide equal opportunities for all employees.

Internally, Digient Technologies have taken sure-footed and intentional steps towards building a workplace and creating an environment that allows its employees to bring their authentic selves to work. From inclusive hiring practices, new employee orientation, benefits and compensation, employee engagement and events, career development, and more—we build sustainable systems that enable us to deliver on our promises of an inclusive experience for employees and customers.

Additionally, the company is committed to foster a workspace that can help increase diversity and strengthen a culture of inclusion. We embrace the power of change to create value and shared success for our clients and staff in making diversity and inclusion meaningful and actionable for everyone. To meet this challenge, we design globally relevant ways for employees to engage with their work and given below are a few areas which highlight our endeavors to promote D & I.
Race and Ethnicity: Recognizing the importance of representation at all levels, Digient Technologies acknowledges the need for diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds to be reflected in the workforce, ensuring that employees from various racial and ethnic groups have equal opportunities for employment and advancement.

Gender- Opportunity for women in the workplace: Amplifying representation of voices for impact, Digient Technologies involves implementing fair hiring practices, ensuring equal pay for equal work, and promoting gender-neutral job descriptions to attract a diverse pool of candidates. An event like Women’s Day is enthusiastically celebrated; more importantly, we actively promote and support the advancement of women into leadership roles, ensuring that diverse perspectives and experiences are represented at the decision-making level.

Activating inclusion in the workplace: This includes policies addressing and creating awareness for anti-discrimination and harassment. Inclusive practices are embedded in recruitment, hiring, on boarding, performance evaluations, promotions, and all aspects of employee management.

Growth Mindset – Creating space for learning: A growth mindset is an important foundation for D & I, as it emphasizes building understanding through intentional effort, making mistakes, and then applying learning. Digient Technologies offer a variety of learning resources, such as books, online courses, workshops, and professional development programs, to support continuous learning. Providing access to relevant materials and platforms enables the employees to expand their knowledge and skills.

Collaboration and Team Building: We promote collaboration and teamwork across diverse groups and encourage cross-functional projects, diverse teams, and opportunities for employees to work together and learn from one another. It is an environment where diverse perspectives are valued, and different skills and strengths are recognized and utilized.

Employee engagement and feedback: We conduct regular employee engagement surveys to gauge the overall satisfaction and engagement levels within the organization. Use these surveys to gather feedback on specific areas such as work-life balance, leadership, teamwork, and career development. Analyze survey results and implement action plans based on the feedback received. Furthermore, the staff is recognized and appreciated for their contributions and achievements. Outstanding performances, fairly based on appraisals, are celebrated as employee accomplishments and rewarded. Join our company in celebrating diversity and recognizing that inclusion is the true foundation for meaningful action.

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