Celebrating International Women's Day at work is a great way to show appreciation for the contribution and achievements of women in the workplace. The key is to provide an environment where women feel supported and valued. Celebrating International Women's Day is a great way to continue this conversation and allow the positive change in the workplace to reflect through.
Digient Technologies Pvt. Ltd. executed a wonderful plan for celebrating International Women's Day! The event involved a special felicitation of the women employees, including the housekeeping staff, who make up close to 50% of the workforce.
All the employees gathered on the terrace, as it was an excellent opportunity to bring everyone together to celebrate women's achievements and contributions to the workplace. The colleagues extended greetings to one another, especially all the women present on this occasion. The acknowledgment was followed by high tea and snacks, providing an opportunity for everyone to interact and celebrate together.

This special program to recognize and appreciate the contributions of female colleagues became an opportunity to acknowledge the women's force in the workplace and celebrate their achievements.
The icing on the cake most definitely brought a big smile on the faces of the women colleagues, as each of them was presented with a rose and a very thoughtful gift hamper to appreciate and acknowledge their hard work and achievements. The Events Committee did a fabulous job in organizing and honoring this occasion. A special mention of gratitude to Mr. Suraj and Ms. Sonali for having arranged the event so seamlessly.
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