Flight Booking Solutions

Flight Booking Solutions

Unfasten interactive booking and ticketing experiences developed with knowledge engineering and complete cloud computing services. We power travel agencies, tour operators, aggregators and startup travel companies all over the world.
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Digient offers flight booking systems that integrate all aircraft related operations under one place. Our user-friendly software is developed with a dynamic packaging that includes features which will help optimize your business.

Third-party supplier integration


GDS connectivity


Inventory Management


Quotation Management


B2B/B2C Booking Engine


One-way / Round-trip


Multi-city Search Option


Reservation Management


Customer Management


Customized Design & Layout




Payment Gateway Integration

About Our

Flight Booking Solution

Digient develops Flight Booking Systems which enable agents to improve customer travel process and boost business revenues that provide real-time flight inventory and prices for travel agencies with strong Flight Booking Quotation features.

With our cloud-based internet booking engine and custom features, you spend little time managing technology and focus on generating optimal revenue for your business. With a domain name, you can sell travel deals, flights and hotels from under one location. The revolutionary platform developed by Digient lets you engage B2C users and B2B agencies to make more sales. Our versatile software is compatible on all devices from desktops and tablets to mobiles.

The Digient Flight Booking software is developed with high-end technology to deliver the highest quality operations and a unique infrastructure to help accelerate your growth with a little investment of time and money from your end. Your customers are bound to undergo a pleasant and user-friendly experience each time on your portal, whether to check flight timings, fares or availability all under one place and at their convenience.

OUR Flight Booking


We are here to develop a customized software solution with flight API which is integrated to produce real-time results and allows travellers to book online directly. Customers get an opportunity to explore the travel portal and avail services such as flight booking system and many more.
ALL- in-one Travel  Management App
ALL- in-one Travel Management App
Consolidate all your travel related operations into one single portal. As a leading travel software and technology solution company, we integrate all major global distribution systems. We develop device compatible design with multi-language and multi-payment incorporation so customers get the best out of your travel domain. There is no limitation to what we offer in terms of implementation. Be it a travel agency, an airline or a small travel oriented start-up; we are here to solve your challenges and meet all your specifications.
Online Booking and  Management
Online Booking and Management
For efficient flight booking facilitation. Our comprehensive approach and extensive travel domain understanding helps add value and structure to your business. Our services and software solutions aim at improving flight product offering that is risk free and highly appealing to your end customers. Our goal is to provide the travel industry with market leading software that is highly completive and efficient. The prime focus is to achieve the satisfaction of your customer and optimize your trade.
Travel Management System
Travel Management System
Digient aims to equip the travel industry with simplified technologies that would ensure easy travel management services. Our collaborations with hoteliers, agencies and other travel partners bring personalized and fulfilling travel experiences on the table. We provide a holistic range of solutions that meet the complete requirements of global travel furnished with next-gen technology solutions. Our prime concern is to help travel companies remain thriving in the competitive marketplace.

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Accelerate your business prospects with Digient and avail the oppurtunity to work with a complete travel tech portal that provides solutions for all your requirements.


Flight Booking SOFTWARE?

You can increase your market brand value and opportunities with our service offerings and discover additional revenue streams with advanced management and cross-sale maximization. Lets have a look at why Digient is what you need to propel your growth in the flight booking industry.
  • Dynamic Packaging - With our value-added solution, set up business rules and accurate pricing and payment arrangements.
  • One Stop Solution - Our Travel Management System allows you to aggregate your properties in one single online portal.
  • Predict performance and sales - Understanding the market conditions, sales matrix, competitor analysis, business planning and latest trends.
  • Security 24/7 - Digient's travel software solutions ensure complete security from unknown threats and sources.
  • Website Management - Fully loaded online travel booking website, streamlined to exercise self-operated inventory management.
  • Enhance your Sales - Option of offline reservations alongside real-time pricing and promotions.


Launch your Flight Booking Software with the assistance of Digient's expert team which targets to optimize the quality of your output and enhance customer experience. Opt for an effective, efficient and easy-to-use software with Digient.

We craft intelligent solutions to solve everyday travel challenges through agile and structured processes. Online and mobile services are reigning as the current business strategy. Picking on the momentum, we at Digient create software solutions that stand out in the industry for its design as well as user-friendly interaction. Our focus is to tailor solutions that suit your exclusive needs.

Digient develops Flight Booking Systems which enable agents to improve customer travel process and boost business revenues that provide real-time flight inventory and prices for travel agencies with strong Flight Booking Quotation features. We partner with our clients to provide strong distribution capabilities- automate travel business process, powerful back office systems, flexible content management system and more.

Digient provides fully integrated Airline Reservation System with latest flight booking engine features like Online Booking Engine, customized Airline Booking System, GDS Booking System (Galileo, Amadeus, Sabre, Mystify, Travelport UAPI) for travel agents and travel companies worldwide.

Location is not a barrier for us anymore. Fast communication technology has shortened distances and we take complete advantage of that in providing our tools and services across the globe. Our team of experts will channelize your ideas to produce innovative solution that run your applications smoothly and with utmost reliability. The assistance of our expert team will boost the quality of the output and customer acceptance. We understand what people want. We not only understand but never miss a chance to satisfy them. Joining us to launch your flight booking app will for sure delight your customers and take them to the zenith of user experience.



Digient's technology solutions offer evolved customized templates produced with strong skill-sets, domain-strengths and management that ensure product delivery on time. We provide all web based services including designing, hosting and developing your website as well as a round the clock web maintenance program. Check out some of the other products that we develop.
Hotel Booking  Software
Hotel Booking Software
Our one stop online hotel booking software solution to manage all your hotel-booking related inventory efficiently. Through our hotel booking system, you can browse the huge hotel inventories at one place, book room, cancel room, generate bookings report or generate cancellation report, all in just a few clicks.
Holiday Booking Software
Holiday Booking Software
Designed for travel portals seeking flexibility and a wide range of choices that offer unique features to meet all your holiday booking needs and directly enhances the guest experience at your property. Our cloud-based system allows your guests to book their preferred services on their computers or on their phones.