Patient Management Software

Patient Management Software

Our expert solutions are customized and purely defined by client specifications. Your front desk will be updated with exclusive software features which include smart charting, code assist, managing appointments, checking insurance ability and utmost security.
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Our features offer automating routine processes that ensure patient management system eases the workload and saves time thereby increase efficiency. Benefit significantly from our solutions and witness the smooth running of your organization effective post onboarding our platform.

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Patient Management Software

Digient’s patient management software solutions provides health systems and clinics with a mechanism that helps monitor, track and upload your patients medical records, diagnostic reports, prescriptions and much more. While we help you upgrade to new and latest healthcare technologies, you can focus on giving the best patient experience.

Digient is looking to provide a complete healthcare software solution under an integrated health management system. The patient management software solutions come empowered with easy-to-handle work processes for your hospital. Our patient management software suite offers a range of benefits such as administrative staffing where the automated routine of patient flow management, helps maintain great efficiency.

Other offerings like electronic maintenance of day-to-day operations, streamlined tracking and storing of patient medical records, patient scheduling module, where patients can book their appointments online, and an advanced billing module that caters to the revenue cycle management.

The aforementioned features ensure a seamless flow of patient/practice management, timely patient care and an opportunity for patients to enjoy a higher standard of value based medical care. Ultimately, Digient aims to offer your patients the convenience and coherence of connecting with your practice.

OUR Patient Management


What Digient offers is a cloud based patient management software that helps manage your hospital effectively and practice your daily functions with simplistic and fast solutions. These are some of our top-notch platforms to help better your services and increase profitability in patient in-flow.
 Instant Communication
Instant Communication
From sharing results electronically to instant refills on prescription as well as HIPAA compliant messaging, all of this can be achieved with just a few clicks and with utmost safety and security.
User-friendly Interface
User-friendly Interface
The entire Digient patient management software comes in simple and easy-to-use technology. It enables the users to easily handle the work processes for your hospital.
Patient Collections
Patient Collections
End-to-end patient collections to increase revenue while maintaining positive patient relationships leading to maximized patient engagement.

Make patient care your priority Reach your full potential with Digient.

Digient delivers a complete patient care solution where practicians can effortlessly manage all major functions through one intuitive platform.


Patient Management Software

Digient's patient management software is designed to be friendly, flexible and committed to your success. Our integrated modules function as part of a seamless platform that offers tools for you to tackle the toughest administrative challenges.
  • We organize all medical practice and patient information in one place for seamless and efficient transitions.
  • Our Patient management features help increase your staff’s accuracy (minimized chance of errors), which hugely benefits your healthcare organization.
  • With our ideal system and tools in place, your organization will have the ability to scale patient acquisition and also provide top-quality care.
  • Electronic medical records and electronic health records for patient management systems will help provide value-based care by improving patient engagement and nurturing patient-provider relationships.
  • Our patient management platform eases overburdened staff with automation and ensures care is always delivered in a timely fashion, additionally, makes day-to-day operations more streamlined.

Patient Management SOFTWARE PROVIDER

With our easy-to-use and highly advanced software, digitally manage all your patient administration efficiently and from any device available. We bring in innovation and new updates across all the installations, irrespective of any region.

Hire our exclusive patient management software solutions for better patient satisfaction with your healthcare organization. Digient offers multiple communication channels, real-time touch point tracking, easily recorded and retrievable patient records, and fast medical record transfers. These features will encourage patient communication and help build that crucial patient-provider relationship. You are just a quick decision away from managing your healthcare portal effectively.

With Digient's cloud-based technology your operations will always remain up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements. Streamline your workflow with our pratice management systems that will ensure increase in efficiency and provide better patient care.

Our flexible, consultative approach, combined with our end-to-end services and specialized back-office team, meet your needs head-on. Let us help you eliminate all your administrative burdens so you can fully focus on patient care.



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