What are the stories from your organization
related to performance-based appraisal?

What are the stories from
your organization related to
performance-based appraisal?

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We at Digient Technologies believe in motivating and empowering employees to deliver their maximum. Hence, providing an opportunity to help employees take a step forward and further evaluate the strategies and reset objectives consistently, to exceed and achieve set expectations in their specific job profiles. 
As was amply demonstrated by Digient Technologies; which hosted a virtual town hall meeting held in the first week of September 2021. The objectives were very straightforward-
  • Milestones and celebrations
  • Aligning agendas
  • Initiatives in focus
  • Survey
  • The upcoming team engagement program
  • Q & A
With almost 150 employees in attendance, the meet witnessed a surge of promotions and recognition for all the well-deserving candidates. The bonus was granted to the team leaders applying a three-tiered matrix. It was at this point when the CEO and founder of the company, Mr. Johnson, took to the floor and congratulated the employees with an impassioned address, encouraging the staff to give it their all and leave no stone unturned.

Besides promotions, the results of The Predictive Index (PI) Employee Experience Survey were disclosed; a reliable exercise that aims to highlight and record employee engagement. Designed to translate confidential feedback across an organization; makes it easy for leaders and managers to accelerate engagement. Amidst participation of 98% of the workforce, the overall score of the company in terms of the PI survey with regards to employee engagement resulted in a whopping 95 percent.

Subsequently, what unraveled was nothing short of awe-inspiring. The insights recorded the following responses in the categories; as mentioned below:


Employee Engagement

A massive accomplishment for Digient to be able to garner such an incredible score for the aforementioned specifications. The company is renowned for its expertise and indelible mark that is etched in the field of software iGaming solutions for over a decade.
Additionally, the management revealed transitions in designations of some of the employees of the company. The meeting rounded up with a successful dialogue between company leaders and employees. Furthermore, Digient presented a plan on adding more focus in building team-engagement practices by including substantial activities to boost collaboration and the spirit of growth and alignment; in due course.
Digient has in the past and consistently shown through adequate and tangible actions, how employee retention is successfully exercised. There seems to be no deterrent in terms of the strong value-based growth and collaborative spirit alongside professional growth that the staff lavishly enjoys.

Digient is steadfastly evolving into a large conglomerate avidly focusing on a range of its recently expanded verticals such as eCommerce solutions, Travel solutions, and Healthcare management besides iGaming solutions.

Let’s have you share some of the stories related to performance-based appraisals.