Digient Technologies and
It's Employee Retention Strategies.

Digient Technologies and
Its Employee Retention Strategies.

Digient Technologies is now front and center when it comes to iGaming solutions with some of the popular games topping the charts for over a decade, delivering value to the clients. Besides gaming Digient offers software solutions in travel, healthcare, and eCommerce.
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It should come as no surprise that companies that lead in employee engagement are often some of the most successful and profitable organizations and Digient Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is no exception.
With workforces dispersed and most people working from behind screens rather than in the same building, maintaining workplace relationships is more important now than ever; clearly, Digient is doing something extraordinary to keep its staff committed for years on end. Let’s take a closer look to analyze the factors responsible for making employee retention a walk in the park for Digient Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 
We have engaged with the majority of the senior workforce who have shared myriad experiences of their working experience, in our previous installments; and continue forth with the last installment in the employee engagement series.
Let us explore the core strategies that are working for Digient in terms of having their workforce dedicated and committed to the company. ‘Opportunities’, according to Mr Prakash, is the one long standing factor that has kept him with the company for nine years and counting; he adds that the customers helped him to get better at his job; each challenge is a doorway to learn more and grow more. He further admits that the HR policy put in place has streamlined the employee work experience in a manner in which personal and professional growth has become doubly achievable.
While in conversation with Mr. Siva who frequently jumped companies before joining Digient has stuck around for 8 years now and very simply and matter of factly states that he does not see any reason to move out of here; honest work ethics, performance bonuses, customized funds and outdoor trips are incentives that enhance his work experience to the T. He emphatically confessed how proud he feels to belong to the Digient family. His motto to succeed is clear, "great work translates to great benefits." He recalls an experience while undergoing a particularly tough challenge four years ago in the company that had him looking at the CEO, Mr Johnson, with renewed eyes and utmost respect. It was a week in the thick of a critical project requiring the presence of the team for long and arduous hours when Mr Johnson announced a quick outdoor trip at a resort to help clear their heads and unwind. The gesture remains special to Mr. Siva to this day.
Upon speaking to Mr. Saravanan, Principal Lead at Digient, with over 10 years experience in Digient, he further endorsed why Digient is successful with employee retention. He says, "respectful treatment of all employees at all levels, compensation/pay; trust between employees and senior management, job security and opportunities to use their skills and abilities at work are key factors that keep employees around".
With 8 years of experience in Digient, Mr. Chandrasekar, has had an interesting journey so far. Having been his first stint in the IT industry, the company took a chance on him that paid off tremendously. According to him, Digient is one company where there is enough freedom for a young junior candidate to learn and become an experienced junior tester. The growth opportunity is immense and hands-on learning alongside training for technical enhancements provide a huge opportunity for personal growth. The entire learning curve made possible at Digient is a great plus and a win-win for both the employees and the company at large. In the next 5 years he sees Digient replete with CMM level standardized processes. He believes the positive employee experience empowers the organization to deliver exceptional experiences to customers.
Digient Technologies is a leading software provider breaking new ground through expanding its expertise beyond one discipline. Today, Digient is synonymous with a corporate setup that extends beyond iGaming and spreads across – eCommerce; Healthcare Management and Travel Management.
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