DIGIENT chooses different

ways to brighten up your Diwali!

Diwali is all about illumination and illuminating one’s life. What better way to go about the festive season than at the very place of work! Every organization enjoys holiday celebrations, Diwali is one such occasion to bring some traditional Diwali fever and brighten the office environment. Incorporating Diwali celebrations into your office is a great way to promote an inclusive workplace. (It’s also a fun way to experience other cultures!)
Digient Technologies pulled all the stops to give its employees a memorable Diwali this year. The drive to give the best to their employees becomes the impetus around which each year only gets bigger and better. Marking the pre-Diwali celebrations saw the company hosting a dart challenge; a tournament spanning four days packed with knockout rounds and qualifiers.
As part of Diwali celebrations, the company hosted the prize distribution ceremony flagged off by the CEO and founder, Mr. Johnson, who emphasized how great efforts would help the employers and the company reach greater heights. He also appreciated the HR team and shared the criteria that could help the employees receive performance bonuses in the future.
The event commenced with the distribution of trophies and certificates to the winners and runners-up of the Dart Challenge. Followed by recognition of employees who were given a performance bonus classified according to the overall performance and scores accumulated throughout the year. The categories were as follows: 

Best Performers – 48
Top Performers - 20
Exceptional – performers – 2
These performers were rewarded with performance-linked incentives to acknowledge their consistent support and contributions towards the company’s growth. The air in the office carried a sense of jubilation and a strong message that efforts are rewarded multifold. The Director of the company, Ms. Sujata Mandal encouraged the employees to give their best and make the most of all the rewards the company has to offer. The employees received a company Diwali gift hamper; packed and distributed by the events coordinator and his team.
All in all, this Diwali at Digient Technologies was flavored with sweets, games, and, most importantly, a fatter paycheck, the sweet taste of a bonus that covered both a fixed premium paid during the festive season, to benefits linked to individual performance. A win-win for all; indeed.
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