Digient Technologies Pvt Ltd. – Stepping into 2023 in style!

Digient Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Stepping into 2023 in style!

A beautiful and comfortable workspace helps improve employee morale, motivation and creates a sense of pride and ownership among employees, making them feel valued and appreciated.

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When we think of office spaces the first few thoughts that circle our mind include a chrome and steel structure, an austere environment, creative energy, and in a lighter vein; monday blues. Well, a dreary workspace with whitewashed walls has been overthrown for a couple of decades. And in its replacement, the corporate sectors have placed a firm focus on making the environment interactive and engaging, and justifiably so.
Digient Technologies Pvt Ltd., leading iGaming software providers, have created India's first office space for their employees that visibly indicates the intricate thought and value put behind the construction of this massive 5 storeyed structure, which boasts an urban, chic, contemporary as well as functional design, that reflects the organization’s ethos of offering a comfortable space that encourages a healthy, safe and zen vibe which helps contribute to a calm, homely and positive synergy.
A haven where each employee feels happy and enthusiastic to make it to work every morning. A variety of collaborative workspaces allows the employee to make a choice to be in the zone reflecting their mood, on any given day.
Digient Technologies values its employees -The common space of the office is heavily inspired by the sea and sand theme immediately notable when walking in on a striking sea-shore artwork adorned with shells. The walls; their grainy texture, colors, and the sound of waves hit you with a strong sensory experience eliciting instant homey and warm vibes.
Ace photographer, Mr. G. Venket, who did the photoshoot of the office, said that he was totally surprised to find the infrastructure looking like anything but an office. He added that he has never seen an office with this aesthetic before and that it looks more like a place where people would love to spend hours and hours simply relaxing. Mr. Venket expressed his heartfelt amazement at finding such a corporate space of international standards in India that oozed aesthetic, artistic, and functional vibes from every corner, making it a feast for any artist's eyes.
In the words of Hiren Ganatra from Collab Company, a Mumbai-based Interior firm, “This would be one of my best works in terms of working on an office space, so far.” The appearance, location, and every piece of furniture speak volumes about the involvement and thought of the makers behind this project, he adds.
The innovative, original and the fresh ideas offered by the owners had been understood by the architect and are well executed. There is a purpose behind every decision the team has made while planning an office layout. Even a vase of flowers positioned at a certain place is done thoughtfully.

Success is rarely achieved alone, and it is true that it is incomplete without assistance. Digient Technologies Pvt. Ltd recognize that their success is due in part to the contributions and insights of those they work with and throughout the construction process. These teams have consistently demonstrated professionalism, dedication, and a willingness to go above and beyond to help reach the organization’s vision.
Mr. Jayaraman, from Amace Projects, the PMC, called it ‘Most refreshing’ to see this up-and-coming company with such a crystal-clear vision; a pleasant experience where the owners were involved at every stage of the project, providing much-needed motivation and zeal for the collaborators to give it their all.
When speaking with Mr. Bhaskar, SS Electricals , he fondly said, “We were able to deliver a project equivalent to international standards owing to the company’s cooperation and space that allowed us to work comfortably.” Mr Jay stated "Whatever the challenges were there; the owners were focused and resolute on what they had envisioned. No compromise was made or corners cut, hence the result is before us to witness."
Each individual vendor and partner had unique experiences, but at the core, they tended to share similar narratives, more or less..
Mr. Karthik from GBL admits to having had the support and opportunity to give their best to the organization.
The office construction that commenced in 2021 saw its way to completion in December 2022. Braving a pandemic and with the space now completely ready to inhabit. The company was delighted to open its doors to its employees-which is now functioning to full capacity.
The owners are thankful to all the vendors and partners and appreciate everyone who worked relentlessly behind the scenes to make this dream project a reality.
The workspace is a hub of activity and collaboration, bringing together employees from various departments and functions to work towards common goals and objectives. A beautiful and comfortable workspace helps improve employee morale, motivation and creates a sense of pride and ownership among employees, making them feel valued and appreciated. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin to never miss an update from Digient Technologies Pvt. Ltd.