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Digient has been passionately involved in the evolution of DEF and supporting the vision and mission of the organization has been an immense source of honor for the company.
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What is DEF; what does it do?
Founded in 2009, Deaf EnAbled Foundation(DEF), a Hyderabad based non-profit organisation, is a brainchild of the deaf visionary Shri TKM Sandeep. It aims to build a society that is egalitarian and is inclusive of the well-being of its deaf citizenry. With training centres located in nine different states of the country, DEF believes in the upliftment of the deaf community through education, employment, awareness and advocacy.
Their prominent initiatives include: 
  • DEF Skill Development & Training
  • DEF Academy for Intermediate & Degree Students
  • DEF ISL- Language Training for Deaf & Hearing
  • DEF Youth Advancements
  • DEF Woman Empowerment
  • DEF Children Outreach

Apart from the above mentioned programmes, DEF also indulges the deaf community into several annual events like Children’s Mela, T-20 Cricket Championship for Deaf etc wherein the deaf are provided a platform to display their talent. The deaf achievers are thereby recognised and awarded.

We believe in the potential of the Indian deaf community and will sincerely work towards harnessing it, not just to help the Deaf lead dignified lives but also to ensure that in the growth story of this country, its deaf citizenry too play a part as significant as its abled counterparts.” quotes Mr.Sandeep, DEF’s Founder & Chairman.

In fact, DEF is one of the few organisations that uses technology and active social media platforms to reach out to its deaf beneficiaries who are present in the remotest corners of India. “We believe in keeping ourselves updated with every social conditions that can affect the deaf community. During the pandemic, when the deaf children’s education was being disrupted, we took it on ourselves to build up the country’s first education application to ensure no young mind is bereft of the rights they are entitled to.” Says Ms.Ramya Miryala, Director & COO, Deaf EnAbled Foundation.

What does Digient Technologies do?
Digient has been passionately involved in the evolution of DEF and supporting the vision and mission of the organization has been an immense source of honor for the company. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are practically a given at most companies these days; what makes this partnership unique is its strong and consistent association for about twelve years.
The multi-pronged approach of DEF toward development and infrastructure inspires utmost value and fulfillment that Digient believes is aligned with their core values. Additionally, what Digient Technologies truly aspires to nurture, is the advocacy of ISL (Indian Sign Language) to be accepted and learned as a mainstream language like any other language.
It is indeed, a moment of extraordinary merit for Dr. Sujata Mandal, the HR Director of Digient Technologies to receive the opportunity to become the Vice President of the board of DEF. In her words, ‘The life lessons and the true essence of being a human’, is what she imbibes each time she carries out voluntary work. Dr. Sujata is the recipient of the Gratitude Award from DEF, given by the former governor of Tamil Nadu. In the context of bridging communities, she urges people to come together as a society and learn sign language.
What are the campaigns to support?

Mission Inclusion: Educational institutes and individuals should make education for deaf people more inclusive and accessible by developing technical vocabulary and learning ISL to eliminate barriers and make education inclusive and accessible.

Project Silent Conversations: According to a WHO report in the Down to Earth journal, Asia Pacific region alone accounts for 10% of the world’s deaf population and if it is believed the report says that this number is likely to see a spike in the next decade. Deaf children and even children who are partially deaf or hard of hearing require sign language not just to communicate but also for their overall development. Hence, it is imperative to sensitise the parents of these children to them how to use signs alongside their mother tongue to ensure they don’t feel socially isolated.

Even a hearing person could benefit immensely from learning to sign. Learning sign language will allow him/her not just to interact with the Deaf community but also to respect their culture and accommodate their opinions. In short, sign language can make you a better person – and that’s no exaggeration.

So how can you get started?
Benefit from the opportunity developed by DEF by simply installing the DEF ISL application on your phone to learn sign language at the convenience of your homes. If you know any deaf person who is struggling with their higher secondary education or is interested to pursue degree courses, guide them to download the EduSign Academy. It is the country’s first mobile platform that can help them fulfil their academic goals at a nominal price. Reach out; be inclusive!
For more details and updates on DEF, check out: https://def.org.in/