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It’s true that the holiday booking and travel industry is one of the hardest hit sectors due to the Corona pandemic, the complete business came to a halt abruptly but nevertheless the sector is considered to be the dark horse post Covid.
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The Holiday Booking and travel industry

The Holiday Booking and travel industry is booming and growing at an exponential rate with the help of multiple factors such as technology and ease of travel channels available to all individuals. Nowadays it's extremely easy for people to plan their dream vacation from the comfort of their couches. More consumers are passionate about booking hotels online from around the globe.
Let’s look at some of the key statistics on the industry:
  • By 2023 more than 700 million people’s hotel bookings will be through online
  • Smartphones contribute around 70% of all travel researches
  • Online digital travel has amassed a whopping $755 Billion worldwide in 2019
  • Online booking is preferred by 83% of US adults for travel
  • 45% of UK travellers feel comfortable to research, plan and book trips via mobile
  • Each year more than 148.3 million online travel bookings are made
  • In 2018, all the travel bookings were carried out online without any human assistance via a mobile app or website

A Complete Holiday Booking Solution

The technology is at the forefront and leading the online and travel industry undergo extensive transformation, the digital trend is vital for the industry as it is gearing up for extensive global connectivity. The travel technology and its innovations has equipped the service providers to provide a consistent and comfortable experience 24./7 for extreme client satisfaction.

According to Booking.com’s recent research, 44% of those surveyed would be willing to use an app or site to pre-plan their activities, with 46% happy to use apps to make it faster and easier to research and book. And according to Technavio, the global travel technology market is expected to grow by a whopping $6.4 Billion between 2019 and 2023. Since the market and the people demand online and mobile friendly channels for a better experience, integrate and evolve as you move forward.

It’s true that the holiday booking and travel industry is one of the hardest hit sectors due to the Corona pandemic, the complete business came to a halt abruptly but nevertheless the sector is considered to be the dark horse post covid. For more than a year people are restricted to their houses and are expected to follow social distancing, all these tensions have built up a pressure that will sooner or later be released and that’s when you will need to be at your best to grab the opportunity.

Aim for a sophisticated software that is highly advanced, seamless and secured to provide the best customer experience. Promote the best deals and run your business in real-time with state of the art software.

The three important reasons for travelers preferring one platform over the other are -

  • Best pricing
  • A wide range of hotels to choose from
  • A smooth user interface

Make sure to cater to the above requirements of the travellers and succeed in this industry.

What is a Holiday Booking Software? & Why do you need Holiday Booking Software?

Holiday booking system is a complete software solution delivering structured processes, highly accurate accounting and hands-on models to suit the specifications of travel agencies. Holiday booking softwares is important for running a booking agency online, it is useful to everyone who is in the travel and tourism industry.


Holiday Booking Software

Shape the future of your holiday rentals with our highly advanced holiday booking software package which provides a complete automated service and user-friendly onboarding to get you started in no time.

Utilize Digient’s holiday booking software solutions to increase your bookings. We provide a ‘direct booking’ business model which helps bring new guests and aids in generating booking for all kinds of accommodation. Let us develop a personalized holiday booking solution for you that offers sophisticated features that include channel manager, booking engine, invoice service, revenue management and a lot more.

With our enhanced software you can provide a complete solution that tackles the entire holiday rental process - from the moment a customer first gets in contact with you, to taking bookings, to managing multiple properties’ maintenance and finances.

With our holiday software provider you can develop better insights into your marketing and sales automation processes. It gives full transparency between co-workers and saves so much time managing leads and bookings.

Digient provides a complete solution: All- in-one travel management app, Online booking and management, Travel management system.



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