Best Flight Booking Software Providers

Flight booking software provides a complete flight booking quotation system, it automates the flight booking process and helps passengers to book any particular seat that is available across various airlines, thus increasing the revenue.
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Airline Reservation System

It is a web based system which consolidates all flight data (flight timing, seat availability, ticket costs, reservations) in one place with the help of a global distribution system. It provides a real-time inventory and flight fares for passengers and travel agents who are interested in online booking.
Airline reservation system plays a major role in the travel business, it provides a complete airline quotation system that helps distribute flight tickets across multiple channels. The reservations can be made through any online portal of a travel agency - passengers get the chance to choose from a wide variety of airlines at competitive prices.
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Best flight booking software?

The best flight booking softwares should offer a system that integrates all airlines under one place and provide a seamless booking experience for the customers. It should easily fit into any existing platform and function at full capacity. Look for a software provider who has a flight booking engine that is loaded with advanced features and functionalities such as -
1.Third-Party Supplier Integration

Make sure to choose a software that easily integrates into your site or app and is readily functional - lets users book flights and access all flight related information.

2.Payment Gateway Integration

To make and receive payments, a payment gateway is required - integrate a secure gateway into your system. Don’t fail to pay attention to the final step, it is one of the most important features for credibility.

3.Inventory Management

is required for managing inventory and distribution through multiple sales channels. It enables a flight booking portal to automate the distribution and price fluctuations as per the market demand.

4.Quotation Management

is a tool that kicks off the sales process - manages the process of submission, approval and acceptance of a quote. Look for a software provider who has a well equipped built in Quotation management system.

5.Multi-City Search Option

If your customers are interested in visiting multiple destinations, make sure you make it easy for them. Your booking system should provide an option for all customers who are interested in traveling to more than one destination. Look for a software that consists of a multi-city search option.

6.GDS Connectivity

The Global Distribution System is a key component of a flight booking software, it is a primary reservation tool for travel agents that enables passengers to access travel information, explore and compare options before booking a ticket.

7.Customer Management

For a sustained success of your business - a great customer relationship is vital. A sound management will help you achieve the desired results, choose a software that helps you take care of your customer with round the clock support and service.

8.One-Way / Round-Trip

Provide the best services to your customers with your site/ app - whether a one-way / round trip, help your customers get what they want. Build a solid platform that creates a seamless booking experience as per individual preferences.

9.Customized Design & Layout

Look for softwares that allows you to customize the designs/ layouts with ease. It is important that you discuss with your software provider about the customizations - make sure that they allow changes or edits to the UI as and when required.

10.Reservation Management

A complete automated system that keeps track of all reservations and schedules in real-time is a necessity for a flight booking software. These reservation systems help customers to book their flights online and clients in managing the process.


A platform is complete only when it provides an exceptional service and satisfies all customer requirements. Why let your customers choose between currencies? allow them to shop via the currency of their choice. Build a site/ app that supports multi-currency transactions.

12.B2B/B2C Booking Engine

A Flight booking engine requires a strong B2B as well as B2C engine, the former is important for all travel oriented business organizations while the latter directly caters to the end customers. Look for a B2B and B2C travel portal software solution providers, thus you can target both the business to business and business to customers segments.


A Complete Flight Booking Solution

Digient provides a state of the art flight booking software solution that consists of all of the features that were discussed above and more. Its booking system equips agents with the necessary tools to improve the complete customer travel experience thereby achieving an uplift in revenue. The software provides real-time flight inventory and flight fares of all airlines with solid flight booking quotation features.

Integrate Digient’s cloud based software into your system and forget about the technical end of the business, expect 100% support from the software provider. You can concentrate on generating higher revenue with less burden. Build a travel/ online booking empire with a domain name - sell travel deals, flight and hotel bookings under one roof. Cater to both the B2B and B2C segments with a high level software that is compatible on virtually every device (Desktops, Tablets, mobiles, etc).

Partner with Digient to begin your online business - invest a little time and capital and let your partner take care of the rest. Digient offers an opportunity for any aspiring online business owners to start their own Flight Booking Platform with ease. Integrate Digient’s Flight Booking software to create an unique user experience, customers are bound to undergo a pleasant journey each time they shop through your platform - ticket fares, seat availability and booking all at one place.

Choose a reliable partner like Digient for a successful journey, visit the official website of Digient to know more about its Flight Booking Software.

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