An Annual Event at Digient Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

An Annual Event at
Digient Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

An annual event is a great way to foster relationships and build culture. The employees are able to see how far the organization has advanced over the past year. Furthermore, this is a good time to introduce new objectives and plans that will be carried out during the following year.
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Digient Technologies held their annual event in Hyatt, Chennai on 24th February this year. Considering the remote nature of work and the employees' separation from their workspaces, the event proved to be a welcome opportunity for employees to connect more personally with colleagues and top management.
The event kicked off with the introduction of freshly appointed candidates in the company. As part of employee appreciation and with regard to the on-going employee engagement sessions, the company announced the winners of the leader board sessions. Award ceremonies are a key element of many annual corporate events, and this element provides employees with an opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for their hard work and achievements. A certificate of appreciation was presented to the top earners of the year for their optimum efforts as concluded through an appraisal.
There's no better time than an annual meet and greet to announce something big. The fact that the company hosts the event every year motivates the entire company to achieve more, bring better products, and have better announcements every year. In his remarks, Mr. Johnson, the MD of Digient Technologies, congratulated the achievers and outlined the various opportunities the company offers. Furthermore, Mr. Johnson mentioned that 60 job vacancies exist within the company and, thus, emphasized the company's ongoing growth and job opportunities. In June, the company intends to open the doors to its new office, which is currently under construction. The entire workforce may then move back into the physical space.
After nearly two years, the employees enjoyed interacting with each other physically. The hosts provided food and beverages to the employees, as well as a promise of a bright future for the company, and an array of opportunities for them to grow along with it and be an integral part of its innovative process. Equipped with technology, reimagined processes and improved experiences, such a company is able to improve the world around them. Modern businesses are poised to identify needs instantly and to respond to them immediately.

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