Wish you a fun and joy filled Christmas. May your day be filled with warmth and good cheer.


Year in Review!!

As we excitedly await the New Year it is also a time for reflections on celebrating the outcomes of 2021, the year that is coming to a close. The past 20 months have been incredibly challenging for all business sectors across the globe and it is these times that we witnessed resilience and innovation like never before. The power of adaptability and embracing change can very well be the mantra that ought to be taken forward in the following year. But before we dive into the future, let’s take a moment to share the impact and goals that Digient Technologies along with its dedicated team, accomplished this year.

Approach this year

The year has been a year of big transitions. Our company’s flexibility and a strong HR ensured a conducive working strategy which enabled optimum results despite remote working. A plethora of leadership training sessions alongside employee engagement activities to create, build and maintain a team. The leader-board activity revealed itself to be a true winner among the employees and a practice which developed bonds. Securing mental health and providing a sense of stability remained the company’s prime focus as always. Despite Covid slowing economies across the world, Digient Technologies remained committed to its employees as they enjoyed full support in the form of salary hikes, bonus and timely appraisals. Furthermore, not a single member from the workforce saw a layoff. Now, this alone makes it an enormous reason for everyone to celebrate.
Together, the workforce embraces a culture of thinking differently, identifying new ways to leverage emerging technologies to help us better anticipate and prepare by enabling earlier, faster, and more effective action.

What we made possible in 2021

Everyone loves a good transformation story; let me open the book a little on Digient Technologies PVT Ltd. The company started as providers of software solutions in i-Gaming at its core. Gaining experience in this field for over a decade and the half; what strikes as a single most impactful transition is the expansion and our immersion in other verticals such as Hospital management | eCommerce | Travel Management. To have accomplished such targets is nothing short of noteworthy keeping current hybrid work conditions in mind. With a power packed move in the direction toward digitalization- automate processes, increase productivity, and facilitate workflow management, things are only looking up for the company and is a sign of all things amazing in store for the organization in its entirety.

To round things up

As we near Christmas and the end of another year, we would like to leave you with a positive mindset along with some milestones, events, successful projects, and achievements. So much happened this year for Digient Technologies; 2021 has certainly been a year of optimum growth with innumerable bright spots and accomplishments to thank for. Thank you team for sticking it out and making it count. Have a festive holiday season!