6 Tips On How To Start
Your Own Online Rummy

6 Tips On How To Start
Your Own Online Rummy

With almost 6 crore online rummy players in the country, online Rummy is one of the most popular card games that is based completely on skill. Further, it is completely legal to play in most states in India.
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What Is Rummy?

It is a 13 card game which is also the “most popular card game in India” The game is alluring, engaging and packed with fun. The kind that fascinates you and you become an active part of it. Two players & a deck of standard cards (with jokers) is all that is needed for a game of 13 Card Rummy (the more the players, the merrier).

Why rummy?

With almost 6 crore online rummy players in the country, online Rummy is one of the most popular card games that is based completely on skill. Further, it is completely legal to play in most states in India.

Hardik Parekh, Director, Sachar Gaming, said, "The online rummy industry has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. Because of the extensive demographic and geographic reach of mobile gaming, the industry currently is at Rs 2,000 crore and is expected to grow by 34 percent annually."

The industry is exploding and is expected to reach Rs 4,500 crore by the end of 2021.

Ashish Bhakuni, Head of Marketing Adda52Rummy, said, "In the next two to three years, the industry will grow with the growth of smartphone users in the country. If the smartphone base is increasing at probably 3x then online rummy players will increase at least 10x in the next five years."

If you own a Rummy platform or wish to start one, we highly recommend you to read this article carefully.

6 tips on how to start your own
Online Rummy Gaming
website in India

1.Choose your platform provider wisely

Before heading to start one of your own, this is probably the most important step. Rummy gaming app/ site is the core of your online rummy business, but your rummy website is going to provide many other features that will make your online rummy gaming services great. So, hire an experienced platform provider who can create an outstanding rummy platform for you. Not to mention one that offers round-the-clock customer support. Additionally, choose a platform provider who provides super secure data because the user database carries super sensitive information.

2.Use the latest features

One simply cannot overlook the impeccable pace of technological evolution; we are witnessing every passing day, bearing that in mind, build a platform with all the latest features and constantly tweak it to provide a superior user experience for your players. Try to surprise users with innovative features, create immense value to garner a loyal following. Features like real-time push notifications, chat bot, crypto currencies for cash, etc, can be introduced to keep users on toes and your competition on back rows.

3.Smart promotion

Advertising and marketing should be given utmost importance right at the initial stage. Begin advertising & marketing with a clear vision, exploit multiple sourcers like seo, on page/ off page, social media marketing, email marketing, bulk messaging, article writing, blog/ article commenting and paid advertising for immense results. Leverage the power of social media and connect with Youtubers to create quality content and begin your marketing campaigns. Innovation and creativity will always help you reach a wider audience than spending huge budgets.

4.Seamless interface on all devices

Players might switch over from one device to another (i.e) by using the same account they might play from multiple devices like - different smartphones, PC, laptop, tab etc. Hence it is important that you maintain the same quality throughout all devices, seamless interface is the need of the hour, ensure that you create a product that provides the ultimate gaming experience. Creating an integrated experience not only pleases users, it also creates loyal, long-term customers for more of your services.

5.Conduct regular tournaments

In order to create a buzz around your platform, conduct various tournaments such as Cash tournaments, Free tournaments and Mega tournaments regularly. Make sure that you follow a healthy schedule - conducting daily, weekly and monthly tournaments with big rewards will help you reach a wider audience. Once a player recognizes your platform, he / she will feel inclined to spend more time on your games - use this opportunity and provide world class service to create a loyal following in the long run.

6.Establish a strong bond with your players

And finally, for a business to succeed, it needs a strong connection with its customers. Your Rummy platform should manage to address your players' concerns, provide the best services and always stay connected with your users in order to succeed in the long run. Being there for your customers 24/7 and genuinely caring for them are the key elements for a successful business. Make sure you build a brand that speaks for itself.

Digient Technologies, a leading platform provider for Rummy

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As a leading gaming software development company, Digient technologies is among the top platform providers of Rummy. The focus of our company is not only to develop the gaming app and programming solutions but excel at creating state-of-the-art products that are highly advanced & innovative. We provide cutting-edge features along with the product as per the clients requirement - Personalized chat, 24/7 support system, marketing support, secure data warehouse and more.

Digient technologies provides a complete Rummy package, gaming tools loaded with advanced features that are required for the successful operation and maintenance of the rummy website or a mobile app.

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