How to Choose the Best Poker Software
Provider for your Gaming Business

How to Choose the Best Poker Software Provider for your Gaming Business

Poker is the world's most popular card game with a market size of more than 59 billion USD. What more? The total size of the market is expected to double in the coming years!
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What is Poker?

Poker is a card game where players wager over the best hand, the rules and number of cards used may vary. Usually deck configuration, total number of cards in play, number of face up or face down being dealt and numbers shared by the players vary depending on the type of poker game that is being played but betting remains the same, with one or more rounds.


What are the Types of Poker?

Different variations of Poker are played all over the world, it is said that there are more than 50 plus variations to the game. We have penned down 5 of the most famous variations right below.

5 popular variations of Poker:

1. Texas Hold’em: It is one of the most popular and widely played variations of poker in the world. Multiple formats such as Limit, No Limit and Pot-Limit are included in the gameplay.

2. Omaha Hi: Omaha Hi can be said as the 2nd most popular poker game. In this game, the entire pot is awarded to the highest hand at the showdown. 

3. Omaha Hi-Lo: It is also known as Omaha 8-or-Better, and the gameplay is similar to Omaha Hi with a small exception. At showdown, the entire pot is divided into two and equally shared between the highest and the lowest hand. 

4. 7-Card Stud: It was the most popular variation of poker before Texas Hold’em stormed into top position. The poker rules for 7-Card Stud are much different from the above mentioned variations, each player receives own individual hands, some cards are dealt face-down and rest face-up.

5. 5-Card Draw:
Separate hands are dealt to players, and are hidden from the rest. The highest ranked 5 card hand wins the game.

Why is Poker a great business?

Poker is the world's most popular card game with a market size of more than 59 billion USD. What more? The total size of the market is expected to double in the coming years!

2020 was a huge year for the online gaming industry, and online poker witnessed a phenomenal growth during this period. As the Covid-19 restricted people from going outside, millions turned towards digital entertainment, and online poker proved to be one of the best outlets for many.

If you’re planning on starting a poker business, this is the perfect time! Below are some of the criterias that you need to consider before choosing your software provider. Carefully read the following to build a poker brand with a solid platform.

How to choose the best platform provider for Poker?

Feature rich and Functional Platform

Load your poker software with advanced features to meet all player expectations. Some of the features to be included are - backend management, multilingual options, multicurrency, multiplayer functionalities etc. Opt for poker software providers who manage to deliver the latest features and more.

Keep Updating to Stay Relevant

Constantly work with your software provider and keep updating your platform to be at the top. Online poker is a highly competitive industry, adding new features and improving player experience will help you stay one step ahead of competitors.

Highly customizable

Best poker softwares lets the gaming operators edit / customize - tournament, leagues, game colour, themes etc as per wish. Hence, choose a poker platform provider who has a software that is highly configurable.

Service and Support

Provide uncompromising service and stay connected with your players. Make sure that your support team is available 24/7, address all complaints and take necessary actions immediately. Choose a poker provider who is equipped to handle any technical issues that arise without warning.

Seamless interface

Your poker software should be compatible with all devices, whether players play on mobile devices or web browsers, make sure to provide a seamless player experience. Never compromise with the user experience and search for a software provider who shares the same value.

User friendly UI

The players should be able to understand your poker platform and handle it instantly, with a user friendly interface, appeal players to spend more time on your games. 

Poker popularity is growing day by day and the competition in online gaming is at an all time high, you’ll be at a disadvantage if your software fails to provide quality, hence choose the right partner as your software provider in order for a successful online poker business. Take advantage of the situation and spread your reach, it is the right time for entering into the online poker business!

Digient Technologies, an all in one Poker solution

Digient Technologies is a pioneer in the real money gaming industry, with decades of presence, we understand what it takes to run a successful online poker business. We are an all in one poker solution, with a full selection of poker games we also offer bingo and a comprehensive casino software suite. The product that we provide is fully customizable for every operator, and with a state of the art design we make sure that you stand out.

Digient is among the top software development companies that is equipped with AI-powered insights to help start-ups and business enterprises take a leap into digital transformation. We customize and develop software products and solutions that cater to consumer needs and expectations. Our expertise lends itself to the sectors that include gaming, healthcare, travel, and eCommerce.

We provide a complete Poker package, gaming tools loaded with advanced features that are required for the successful operation and maintenance of a Poker website or mobile app.

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